NYRAD's leadership team draws on decades of diverse experience across aerospace & other industries to chart the trajectory for the future and to guide the business towards its strategic goals.  Our leadership team takes responsibility for the successful delivery of all of our products and sets technical strategy to meet your needs.  Our diverse staff comes from a broad range of backgrounds spanning across multiple engineering & business disciplines.  Our staff's breadth and depth of knowledge enable us to deliver innovative products which fuel your success.

NYRAD offers exciting opportunities for individuals looking to join an organization that recognizes and rewards the contributions of its employees.  We invite you to explore our wide range of career opportunities.  At NYRAD, we recognize, support and respect each employee’s responsibility to his or her family, and your personal well-being.  In our continued efforts to help our employees, we offer a multitude of competitive benefits and flexible options.

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NYRAD is an equal opportunity employer. Accommodations for disabilities will be provided to support participation in the recruitment process. Our active recruitments are listed above. We are always seeking dynamic, talented candidates to join our team. If you do not see a specific opportunity that matches your interests and expertise, please contact us at

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social responsibility

NYRAD aims to promote good corporate citizenship & governance by being transparent and by demonstrating through environmental awareness, ethical behavior and sound governance practices.  In addition to being a profitable business, NYRAD supports employee inspired efforts and meaningful activities that benefit society.  We believe in being socially responsible.  Our business model will evolve to reflect this.  MONITOR OUR SITE for posted upcoming opportunities to donate and contribute to the causes that NYRAD will be engaged in.   Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the social conditions that we will support through partnerships with 501c3 organizations. Your generous donations will benefit society and will also impact NYRAD's goal of teaching and inspiring the the next generation of socially responsible citizens.

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